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In 2018 we are celebrating 15 years in business in Harpswell (and more than 40 years overall) helping you with all your plumbing and heating needs: new construction, service, and repairs. We are looking forward to another year assisting you with all of your plumbing and heating needs.

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Winter weather tip:

Bitter cold wind chills are the biggest culprit for frozen pipes. To safeguard your pipes try the following:

  • Leave kitchen cupboard and vanity doors open, remove items which may be in the way of the pipes and allow heat from the room to enter that space.
  • Drip hot and cold faucets in kitchen and bathrooms to keep the water running. A steady drip is favored over a trickle to conserve water.
  • Check your basement and crawl space for open windows or areas where the wind can get in and insulate drafty spaces.
  • Know where your water pump shut off is, should a freeze split occur turn that breaker to off and call your licensed plumber.

  • These suggestions won’t guarantee that the pipes won’t freeze but are a good cautionary practice and may lessen the thawing time if you find your pipes are frozen.